Write 31 Days 2017

For the past several years I have followed along and participated in the Write 31 Days Challenge that occurs in October. For each day of October, those who are a part of the Challenge seek to write and post.

The theme for my writing this year is Cultivate. Following the prompts provided by the Five Minute Friday community, my goal is to write each day about areas of life I am seeking to cultivate. I will be sharing that writing here at Inspire to Simple and/or over on Instagram.

Write31Days2017 IGIf you would like to receive an email update when my posts go live, please let me know.  Head here to supply us with your email address and you will receive posts via your email each day that I write.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the month.

  1. worship: a beautiful beginning
  2. tell: the theme of cultivate
  3. create
  4. hope
  5. trust
  6. story
  7. hold
  8. truth
  9. plan
  10. listen
  11. remember
  12. write
  13. FMF prompt
  14. try
  15. remain
  16. read
  17. grow
  18. share
  19. brave
  20. discover
  21. give
  22. light
  23. work
  24. revise
  25. because
  26. change
  27. FMF prompt
  28. connect
  29. follow
  30. refine
  31. rest