Write 31 Days 2015


gray button webI could just spout words of praise or motivational statements, and they may help you to be encouraged – yet, I believe there is so much more to real encouragement.

With this idea in the forefront of my mind, a variety of topics will be covered throughout the month. Somedays will be a simple quote or verse of encouragement, other days I will share my ideas, others I will explore a truth that is core to living a life of encouragement for yourself and others, and then knowing that all the knowledge we have is most beneficial when it prompts us to action I will have several days of recommended actions. Things that you can do for yourself and others that will help you to be encouraged. I pray that you will strengthened and encouraged as you read each day.

Below a rough outline of what I will write about throughout this month.

The list will be updated as the month progresses and I write the days. You can see there are many open places to fill as I actively live what I encourage you to do – move forward, not knowing how it all will work, or all the details – yet trusting with movement direction will be made more clear and the words will come!

1. Introduction: And Here We Go!
2. What Exactly Is Encourage?
3. The Source
4. Weekend Scripture: “For this Cause”
5. A Dilemma and My Solution
6. Releasing Deadlines
7. What Lifts You?
8. Little Things
9. Encourage Your Heart with Rest
10. All in God
11. Weekend Scripture: “I Thank My God”
12. Encourage In Action – Beginning to Look Out
13. Encourage in Action – Words: Simple and Strong
14. Encourage in Action – Encourage with Time
15. Encourage in Action – Giving Feet to Your Encouragement
16. Encourage in Action – Encourage Through Giving
17. Weekend Scripture: “Giving Thanks for You”
18. Sunday Encouragement: Psalm 145
19. Success Does Not Look The Way You Expect
20. Our Great Encourager
21. When Encouragement Is Not Enough
23. Online Favorites From This Week
24. Hard and Good
25. Weekend Scripture: Recalling the LORD
31. An End and A Beginning