book review

Overwhelmed? A place to start

Are you forever overwhelmed by all you need to do? If your days end in frustration from tasks left unfinished instead of satisfaction from what you accomplished, Glynnis Whitwer’s book, Taming the To Do List, is a great resource for you. Glynnis presents the idea that procrastination might be the culprit in the seeming theft of… Continue reading Overwhelmed? A place to start

30' for 30 days

30′ projects: finishing or not . . .

Doing projects around your home can reveal some interesting things. When I started the month, all I wanted was to get some of the smaller projects done that were irritating me. Yet, as the month progressed I realized several things. What I learned The large amount of undo projects that I tolerate around our home. It seemed… Continue reading 30′ projects: finishing or not . . .