Five Minute Friday Book

We have a book!

I have not said much here in 2016, and definitely not anything about contributing to a book . . . now the time has come for me to once again speak from this platform.

One of this things I am most excited about as I start again is the book compiled by Susan Shipe, Five Minute Friday. This collection of free written posts done many over the the last several years was put together this year, and I contributed. It was a halfhearted and last minute contribution, and now the book is here, and I am so excited participated!


With the book launching I am looking forward to starting again to participate in the Five Minute Friday writing prompts and link up that happen each week. I am committing to participating in them through the end of the year, and hope that in doing so they will help to get me back in the habit of writing here regularly.

write31days-igFor the month of October, I also am once again joining the Write31Days Challenge. This year, I’ll be following the free writing prompts put together by  Christian Hubbard at Creative and Free for the Five Minute Friday community. I will write for five minutes each day and post my free writing here at Inspire To Simple. Be sure to sign up for post updates so I can email them to you each day.


What happens when a flash mob of writers gets together and is given one word and five minutes? Five Minute Friday!  And now Five Minute Friday has a book!  So exciting!!

Susan Shipe has compiled contributed writings from Five Minute Friday posts and this book is a collection of the 150 raw, unedited posts written in five minutes flat by members of the Five Minute Friday community. I am very humbled and excited to be included with those who have written for Five Minute Fridays. The book is available to order on Create Space or Amazon.