book review

The Words You Say: a 100 Words of Affirmation book review

We all need the support of those around us. With most any relationship that spans the years, everyday life is not our friend in this area, and marriage has some unique challenges.  These books are a tool that offer a great way for you to support your spouse with your words when your brain may be too worn out to be creative.

book review

Are you moving forward? Top Performance book review

This seems like an unusual book to review considering I try to talk about books that move us forward in purposeful living. How does a business book by a motivational speaker do this? Yet, in looking closer at what this book covers, it is easy to see how the ideas and principles presented here can translate into everyday living for each of us. Topics include expecting the best, seeing the connection between our strengths and our weaknesses, how what you think affects what you do, and recognizing as well as rewarding top performance.

book review

Looking for your people?: Back Roads to Belonging review

We all have moments and times when we are alone - even in the crowds and gathered at church and at the potlucks. Place where we think we ought to fit, but still, we just don’t feel a part of what is happening around us. Maybe because we are not invited into a conversation or the activities are not what we enjoy, that sense of being left out can darken the most enjoyable days and leaving us feeling very much alone.