book review

Looking for your people?: Back Roads to Belonging review

We all have moments and times when we are alone - even in the crowds and gathered at church and at the potlucks. Place where we think we ought to fit, but still, we just don’t feel a part of what is happening around us. Maybe because we are not invited into a conversation or the activities are not what we enjoy, that sense of being left out can darken the most enjoyable days and leaving us feeling very much alone.

book review

Is your journey pain-filled?: Breathe Again book review

As much as we may desire to lay heaped on the ground until we can once again process life, events and activities don’t stop just because our world has been brought up with sudden or sometimes not so sudden shock or grief. Niki Hardy’s honest conversation with her reader is refreshing and brings moments of laughter and tears as she offers a helping hand as you learn to breathe again.