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Are you moving forward? Top Performance book review

This seems like an unusual book to review considering I try to talk about books that move us forward in purposeful living. How does a business book by a motivational speaker do this?  Yet, in looking closer at what this book covers, it is easy to see how the ideas and principles presented here can translate into everyday living for each of us. Topics include expecting the best, seeing the connection between our strengths and our weaknesses, how what you think affects what you do, and recognizing as well as rewarding top performance. 

topperformanceMaybe it is because I grew up in a home where motivation speaking was the norm or because I worked in a career for several years before transitioning to being home full time, but I am a firm believer that the business success principles that help you to work effectively in a career or office environment can translate into the work of home and family – and honestly, help us to be better people. 

Moving through this book Zig Ziglar, along with several contributing authors, teach us the ideas and creative art of performing well in addition to the nuts and bolts of bringing ourselves and helping those around us to top performance levels. 

The idea of “you succeed when you help those around you succeed” is woven throughout the ideas and principles presented. Though not as much fun to read as the latest page-turning mystery, Top Performance is well worth the time to read and process the principles and methods, and to invest the effort in developing them in yourself and those around you.

This review was written in connection with the Revell Reads book tour for Top Performance. I did receive a complimentary copy of the book. Thank you, Revell and Baker Publishing for the opportunity to share this book with my people!