book review

Looking for your people?: Back Roads to Belonging review

We all desire to be part of a group. To have our people around us. To interact with confidence and grace knowing who we are in Christ and that we can share with others – blessing them and enjoying them because of whose we are.

Yet, we all have moments and times when we are alone – even in the crowds and gathered at church and at the potlucks. Place where we think we ought to fit, but still, we just don’t feel a part of what is happening around us. Maybe because we are not invited into a conversation or the activities are not what we enjoy, that sense of being left out can darken the most enjoyable days and leaving us feeling very much alone.

Kristen’s laughable and heartfelt words are reminders to us that we are not alone in our desire to belong. Her personal stories bring laughter and tears while showing us we are not the only ones who are once again walking the journey of finding our people. Her stories from Scripture and blessings presented in each chapter provide reminders of the truths that anchor us in life and help us see the growth in us that occurs along the way – and that this may be the greatest reward of taking the back roads to being part of a group.

Thank you to Revell for the complimentary copy of this book. So fun to be able to share this book with you all.