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A natural next step: The Next Right Thing book review

As Emily’s book launched last month, her words seem to be everywhere as people read her book and told others about it. Her voice has permeated my podcast feed as she did dozens of interviews with various communicators in spreading the word about her book. The ideas of her book have echoed through our home as we listened to the audio reading of The Next Right Thing. My heart has loved every minute of it.

“When we have a decision to make, what we want more than anything is peace, clarity, and a nudge in the right direction.

Whether you are in the midst of a major life transition or are weary of the low-grade anxiety that daily life can bring, Emily helps create space for your soul to breathe so you can live life with God at a gentle pace and discern your next right thing in love. “ (comments are taken from book cover)

IMG_4516The Next Right Thing is a beautiful collection of thoughts, practices, and ideas for making better decisions, simply learning to make decisions, or finding calm in the midst of the busy of everyday life.

The twenty-four, quick read chapters include topics such as:

  • look for arrows
  • know what you want more
  • be where you are
  • stop collecting gurus
  • gather co-listeners
  • choose your absence
  • wait with hope

Each chapter combines Emily’s wise words around a topic, a simple practice you can implement today, and a benediction that will encourage you as you go forth.

The Next Right Thing has been a natural continuation of the journey to being better at evaluating and setting up life to function well. For me personally, I face the gauntlet of preparing the mini people in my home to better be able to interact with life. This book is an excellent tool; helping me form words around the ideas I have and in a sense arming me with complete sentences around ideas that I live by, yet struggle to put accurate words around.

We have such variety in our home when we consider personalities and approaches to making decisions, this book has helped to provide simple spaces for us to come together and figure out how to learn to work together in the decisions we need to make as a family.

Even as I seek to learn more of how we as individuals interact with the world (both inner and outer) differently, this book helps to put a consistent framework around decision making and goal setting that can be implemented in each person’s approach to life and the variety of areas of life with which we each interact.

If your heart is longing for some moments of calm nurturing in the midst of everyday life, this book can be that haven.

If you are seeking to be better in your ability to process all the life brings throws as us then Emily’s words and suggested practices can be an oasis for your heart.

If you need to make decisions and are overwhelmed with the seeming intensity of it all, her thoughtful benedictions can be a recentering for your soul.

Read it – let your soul breath, move in what you know to do, and know I am praying for you and cheering you on.

If you read and enjoy her book, I encourage you to sign up for Emily’s newsletters. Her words are ones I make space to read each Saturday. She also has a podcast, The Next Right Thing, where many of these ideas originated and each Tuesday she verbally offers us a thought, a simple practice, and a prayer.

Though I often receive complimentary books for review, The Next Right Thing I bought with my own cash money and am excited to share it with you all. It is a joy to review a book that I so highly recommend!