The year in books: 2018

Book reading is one of my favorite things!!

This post is for those among you who are nodding your head in agreement right now. If your not, well, you still might enjoy looking at what I read this year, but I don’t expect it will have the same appeal to you.

I cut way back on my expectation of what I would read in 2018, largely because it was beginning to feel more stressful than life-giving and I needed to relieve some of that pressure. I still ended up reading way more than I expected, and my variety in the types of books I read was greater this past year.

Like asking a mother to choose a favorite child, it is impossible for me to say what books have been my favorites. Listed here are a few of the more memorable, and you can find my complete reading list from 2018 on GoodReads.

38502471I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel is a wonderful collection of essays on what she terms “the reading life.” An easy read and such fun to see that the way I feel and think about books is not that uncommon. I especially enjoyed her words on how the books we read help to shape who we are as people and can definite different stages of life for us as individuals.


13551147My Berlin Kitchen is one of the memoirs I read this year (a genre I am finding I greatly enjoy reading). Louisa Weiss tells the story of her heart journey and physical move back to her home in Germany. As a food blogger, she weaves the connections of food that were a part of her growing up and ultimately her journey home.




84, Charing Cross Road also tells the story of a lady over the years, but her connection through books is with the bookseller she writes to in England. This collection of letters is a joy to read and pushes open the door into the world and minds of book-lovers.


25814154The Madwoman Upstairs came to me recommended by Anne Bogel from her podcast, “What Should I Read Next.” Novel reading is not a large part of my reading life, but I am very glad this book made it in. Again with a theme that dealt with books, it was the perfect combination of history, mystery adventure, romance, and storytelling.



The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny is by far my favorite Inspector Gamache story. Set in a monastery, the unique look at life in that setting with the church and country history stayed with me for a while and I still find myself considering what I read in this novel.

As a lifelong student, reading for the sake of learning is a huge part of what I do. So, of course, some of the books I enjoyed the most were books about ideas rather than a particular story.


The 12 Week Year by Brian F. Moran holds great ideas and strategies for thinking about planning and goal setting. I’ll definitely reference this one again as I work through thinking about my calendar in terms of seasons and setting themes and goals accordingly.


35099236Lagom was one of the first books I read in 2018 and the idea of just enough – not too much and not too little has been one that I have returned to again and again in almost every area of life. This library read definitely made my bookshelf wish list.

33607642The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin has fast become one of my favorite conversation topics. Her research on habit development has been fascinating to follow and the resulting conclusions regarding habit development and the “personalities” of what motivates us in our actions are oh so interesting.  This book was challenging to get through all the information and opinions, I think because there was just so much. It has a spot in the reference section of my shelves now and I am confident as I absorb the ideas she presents and use them in my interactions with others, I will return to this book again and again.

As 2019 has begun, I am hoping to continue with adding variety to my reading and look forward to getting through the stack of books that I have accumulated in the “to read” section of my bookshelf. (Since we are currently in the midst of a move, it is actually a “to read” box.)

You can see my complete reading list from 2018 and follow what I am currently reading at GoodReads.

Here is to a year full of good books! Happy reading.

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