book review

The Girl’s Guide to Conquering Middle School

MiddleSchoolGuideWhen this book first arrived at our home, my daughter (who is in middle school) was with me. Very quickly she confiscated my book and several days passed before I was able to get the book back from her to read it for myself!

With their easy to read “do this,” “not this” approach to different situations and topics face by middle schoolers, the Catherman’s have created a good read for any middle school girl (or parent of a middle schooler). Ideas are presented in a way that is relatable and fun and include topics like the first day of school, hall passes and homework, guys, and texting.

“Try to extinguish the drama by thinking carefully about your actions and words. Here’s a good filter: Before you speak, text, or post on social media, THINK about what you are about to do or say.

  • Is it TRUE?
  • Is it HELPFUL?
  • Is it INSPIRING?
  • Is it NECESSARY?
  • Is it KIND?”

(an excerpt from the book introduction)

The brief chapters and the variety of topics covered throughout the book make The Girl’s Guide to Conquering Middle School an excellent handbook for girls and parents. My daughter rated the book with a 3 out of 5 stars and really liked the jokes sprinkled through the reading.

She and I both commented that we do not agree with all the ideas presented in the book, but overall themes are ones of respect and care for oneself and those around you. Reading the book with your middle school daughter or reading it yourself then giving it to her to look at can provide an excellent gateway into parenting conversations that we often find tricky to begin.

The Girl’s Guide to Conquering Middle School is one in a series of books for teen and pre-teen guys and gals written by Jonathan and Erica Catherman. These books have quickly become a favorite in our home, and I am eager to recommend them to others who have pre-teens and teenagers in their home.