five minute friday

Let Us Not Rush

write-4Each Friday, the Five Minute Friday community gathers online and writes for five minutes. Timed and unedited we write, then share our stories.  What is included today is an excerpt from today’s writing.

My hope is that for you these five minutes bring encouragement and direction as you seek to live a faith-filled and purposeful life.


def: to act with great haste (rash or headlong action)
the definition is taken from the American Heritage Dictionary Online


Let us move a bit more slowly today. May the rush of those around us and the eternal pull of the urgent not cause us to act with haste and miss the everyday moments.
May we not be distracted by hurry and may our movements be ever more intentional and purpose-filled.
I desire to encourage you to live lives that are more simple – more in line with your purpose. So many days I have no idea how to do this process well myself, much less be able to help others live simply. Days come where I just want to be done with figuring it out and just live the reality of simplicity and encouragement – yet, I know, I can not rush through it.
The idea of simple living was first planted in my mind and then my heart years ago. As a part-time work at home mom with young children and a home that was overwhelming me with stuff and seeming lack of space, my adventure began simply with an online Google search for home organization. In that search, I found a gal whose writing encouraged me and exposed me to ideas of living in your purpose and your personality. Her work and writing lead me to others who helped me see the work of God even in the mundane, the reality we all really do function differently (and this is a good thing), and the impact that living with intention can have for each of us.


continuing on . . .

As I have learned and grown in my understanding of what it is to live with purpose, I desire to encourage others to do the same. Especially, women who may be feeling overwhelmed or disheartened by the work they are doing day in and day out. Grand dreams and goals are wonderful and can be thrilling to consider, but a life is made by the everyday ins and outs of what can seem to be mundane tasks.
As we seek to grow in our understand of purpose and the practice of the everyday life that comes from that purpose, let us not rush the process. It may take months or years, or as it has for me, a decade to come to the point where you can say, “This is what I am to do. This is what it means for everyday life for me and my family.”
Do I have it all figured out? Is each day a breeze of activity and accomplishment that is continually moving me forward?
But I have more clarity today then I did when I began this journey over ten years ago, even then I had last week. Rushing learning what purposeful living is and what it looks like for you is only a hasty action that breeds frustration and misdirection. Faith moves me along in what I know to do, and experience builds the confidence that the way will be made clear as I go. And so it can for you!
Come join me. Sit and visit. Work through what is needed to help bring you clarity of purpose. Together we encouarge and inspire each other to live more in the life God has purposed for us, more simply.

So much of the writing that I do, is simply me processing the realities of my unpredictable life. Yet, even as I process, I greatly desire to help and encourage you as you learn how to include well those things in your life that move you forward. If you are desiring to live more purposefully – if faith-filled intention is a reality you desire to grow in your life, I invite you to join me on the journey. I don’t have all the answers, but those that I have, I promise to share. And you can know that I am praying for you and cheering you on as you seek to walk a faith-filled, purposeful life.

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