book review

The Girl’s Guide to Conquering Life

Such a fun book for me and my girls!

I was very excited about reading this book as I have teen and pre-teen girls in my home and the ideas presented in the book seemed to be directly connected to what I am attempting to help them learn as they prepare to be adults. The topics of the book covered such a wide area of life stuff that it almost seems to be comprehensive.

IMG_3183Honestly, not every area of life is covered, but this book was very thorough.  My one thought as I read was “I wish I had a book like this when I was a teen!”

Even as a parenting adult who is consistently learning how to interact with my kids, this was helpful. Written in a way that it was easy to read, enjoyable, and helpful. This might be one of my new favorite gifts for the teen girls I know. And now, I am eager to check out the other books by these authors.

The Girl’s Guide to Conquering Life by Erica and Jonathan Catherman provide such a fun resource for teen girls in this book which covers things from knowing how to introduce your friends to others to doing laundry to throwing a football! The easy to read chapters are divided into various sections of life: social interactions, money management, work and ethics, health and beauty, sports, tools and fix-it, and several more.

Thank you Cathermans for such a great resource!

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