five minute friday


write-4Each Friday, the Five Minute Friday community gets together online and writes for five minutes. Timed and unedited we write, then post.

My hope is that for you these five minutes bring encouragement and direction as you seek to live a faith-filled and purposeful life.


(tr.v) 1. To contain or take in as a part, element, or member; 2. To consider as part of or allow into a group or class


to be a part of something – to have something be a part of you

As we walk through life seeking to be purposeful – it is important to remember that you can choose what to include in your life.

Some activities and task move you along in what you are seeking to do.
Some do not.

Somethings help you to be better, healthy, stronger.
Some do not.

Are you living aware of what you are seeking to include in your life? Are you aware of how what you are including is affecting you? Does it move you along in your purpose? Does is it aid you in faith-filled living?

Asking these questions can be tough.

Sometimes it is reassuring that we are doing the right things. Confidence is born and renewed in the light of evaluation and you see that what you are including is what you need right now.

Yet sometimes we don’t like the answers for they reveal there are things we need to leave behind. Good things, enjoyable activities may not always be helpful to us in our endeavors. These good things may be keeping us from the better things for which we are searching.

includeAs you move through life today, I encourage you to evaluate something – not everything – just one thing. Does it need to be included in your life? The reasoning for it does not need to be profound. It could be as simple as this book makes me laugh which allows me to relax and helps me to be more rested for the activities of tomorrow.

Then tomorrow, evaluate something else. Each thing we do, great or small, moves us toward something. Is that not reason enough to consider whether they are moving us to where we desire to go?

Let us consider whether what we include in our lives really does move us forward.

If yes, keep at it!!

If no, why not release it? Free your space, energy and time.

Let us be people who include in our lives those activities and tasks that enable us to be more purposeful.


So much of the writing that I do, is simply me processing the realities of my unpredictable life. Yet, even as I process, I greatly desire to help and encourage you as you learn how to include well those things in your life that move you forward. If you are desiring to live more purposefully – if faith-filled intention is a reality you desire to grow in your life, I invite you to join me on the journey. I don’t have all the answers, but those that I have, I promise to share. And you can know that I am praying for you and cheering you on as you seek to walk a faith-filled, purposeful life.

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