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write-4Each Friday, the Five Minute Friday community gets together online and writes for five minutes. Timed and unedited we write, then post.

My hope is that for you these five minutes bring encouragement and direction as you seek to live a faith-filled and purposeful life.


(v.) past tense and past participle of stick

This definition under stick struck me the most:

to become fixed, blocked, checked, or obstructed


To be unable to move

This can apply to so many areas!!

In so many areas and at a variety of times we say we feel stuck!
How do we continue to live in the feeling of stuck? How do we begin to move forward? What steps can we take to help us continue on, past the stuck feeling that we are experiencing?

Google, “How do I get unstuck?” and you get over 4.5M results! 4.5 million! (I know because I just did it!) Wow!! That is mindblowing. Obviously, there are many opinions and if you are looking for action steps, I am not going to try to add to the many ideas that already exist. Rather let us look to simplify them.

Maybe I can help encourage you that the feeling of stuck will not last forever. The “stuckness” does have an expiration date, and you will be able to move past it. It may be later today, it may be next week, or it could next year. Whenever the time comes, your stuck will end.

In the middle of it, see the value in today – the glory of who you are created as and to be, and the pursue the purpose you bring right now to today.


continuing on . . .

stuckIn the middle of a hard season the words that say “just see value in today” can be really hard to hear. I don’t desire to insult or belittle the things that are causing you to feel stuck. I firmly believe that in that stuckness, God is greatly at work. He is holding you in the midst of it and is working the circumstances to bring Himself glory. He will bring you through it – He does sustain.

  • Don’t negate the reality what you are in the middle of is hard. It does not define or control you, but ignoring or denying the hard is never helpful. Don’t make it more than it is, but don’t ignore it either.
  • Walk with God. Converse with Him. He desires to hear from us in prayer and longs for us to listen to Him as we read His Word in the Bible. He designed us to live in community and relationship with Himself. If you don’t know what else to do, start here!
  • Walk in what you do know you are to do. If you have a family to care for, do that. If you have a job, work in it. If you have a home to run, care for it. Do today what it is you do know you are to do.
  • Then as little steps forward are revealed, walk in them. Look to God for guidance, and as He provides it (and He does!) move in what He shows you to do. If we refuse to do what we know we are to do, how can we reasonably expect to be shown something more?
  • Look up, there are others around you who are looking for someone to walk in their area of stuck with them. Be that person, and together you may just move past your stuck together.

Do the next right thing you know to do, and as you move your way will be made clear! You will become more unstuck. One day you will realize that the sticky feeling of not being able to move forward is gone and an ease of every life is reality for you.


So much of the writing that I do, is simply me processing the realities of my stuck spaces. Yet, even as I process, I greatly desire to help and encourage you as you face your stuck. If you are desiring to live more purposefully – if faith-filled intention is a reality you desire to grow in your life, I invite you to join me on the journey. I don’t have all the answers, but those that I have, I promise to share. And you can know that I am praying for you and cheering you on as you seek to walk a faith-filled, purposeful life.

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