five minute friday


write-4Each Friday, the Five Minute Friday community gets together online and writes for five minutes. Timed and unedited we write, then post. I strive to participate each week, whether I post here or on Instagram. At times, these writing sessions bring more than five minutes of writing; but regardless of what it looks like for me as a writer, my hope is that for you it brings encouragement and direction as you seek to live a faith-filled and purposeful life.



There are many ideas contained in the definition of turn. If you love words and all the nuance they can bring feel free to read those definitions here. The definition I was most struck with as I considered today’s prompt is:

to change the direction or course of

My thoughts are very quickly drawn to the idea that for us to move into something often means we must turn from what we are currently engaged in doing.

I have talked about the idea that some other dream or idea we have, other from what we are currently engaged in, is a thing that when the time is right will come to us. The time for it to live in our lives will come if it is what we are to do or be. However, when those times come, to begin moving in that other idea often we must leave behind what we are currently doing. Moving into something new may and often does require us to turn our focus, our direction, our priorities.

turnThis turning may be easy, or it may be painful. It may be sudden or it may be a gradual adjusting if our direction. To live in a purposeful way, to live in faith-filled intention, often requires the turning away from things that currently engage us. Things that may be good, maybe fun, maybe what we enjoy; but turning from those things may just be the door opening that is needed to for us to walk into what we really are to do.


continuing on . . .

So much of the writing that I do, is simply me processing the realities of those turns in my own life. Yet, even as I process, I greatly desire to help and encourage you as you walk into your own turns of life. If you are desiring to live more purposefully – if faith-filled intention is a reality you desire to grow in your life, I invite you to join me on the journey. I don’t have all the answers, but those that I have, I promise to share. And you can know that I am praying for you and cheering you on as you seek to walk a faith-filled, purposeful life.

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