Sitting in Silence May Be the Key to Rest

This year for the Write 31 Days Challenge, I’m following prompts designed by Christian Hubbard at Creative and Free for the Five Minute Friday community. I write for five minutes each day and post my free writing here. Today’s prompt: silence.



How much true silence do you have in your life?

Please don’t give me a quick answer. Stop. Really think about it. I’m talking about real, still silence.  Not the complete absence of sound, but rather the absence of sound that requires you to process it and interact with it. Have you “heard” it today? this week? When was the last time you just lived in the silence of a moment – not rushing to fill it. Rather allowing the silence to be there with you.

Silence is golden, especially when you have children.

I love my children dearly and enjoy hearing their chatter and singing and playing sounds. Still there are days when I crave the quiet silence. And yet . . .

Silence can be uncomfortable.

How often have you been in your home or the car and it is just too quiet! Times when I experience quiet with a sort of itchy, scratchy feeling in my soul. Where the silence causes me to feel frazzled and irritated. Those are the times, if I am honest, I am overwhelmed or stressed or bothered. Silence has a way of allowing the “opportunity” to face situations we may have been ignoring.

Silence is healing.silence-rest

When we hear the silence, though it may be uncomfortable, if we are willing to sit with it; opportunities for healing and processing abound.

Silence is rest.

When silence comes often her friend, rest, comes also. How we hunger for rest at times! and yet when she desires to come and visit us we turn her away because to enjoy rest we often need to welcome in silence as well. Unfortunately the times we most need rest are the times we most resistant the silence that comes with her. As a regular part of you day or a special time of refreshment, silence can often be the key to the rest our bodies and souls so desperately crave.

So today, come sit with me in the silence. And in that silence may you find rest.


creativeandfreeimageGrowing my ability and skill to write is one of my goals for this year. As fall comes and schedules settle into the new normal with school and work, I am making time to grow my writing. Part of that growing is simply writing practice.

To keep me accountable as I seek to write each day, I am participating in October’s Write 31 Days Challenge. Along with others from Five Minute Fridays who are free writing for our 31 Days Challenge, I’ll be writing and posting each day in October. Check out my landing page for a list of all the prompts and associated posts as they go live. If you leave your address in the sign up space at the top of each page, I’ll send you an email with each days post.


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