Something Stronger Than a Flavoring?

This year for the Write 31 Days Challenge, I’m following prompts designed by Christian Hubbard at Creative and Free for the Five Minute Friday community. I write for five minutes each day and post my free writing here.

Prompt: Brew


How we flavor our life.

We boil water and measure tea or coffee. Water washes over it as we pour into our pot, and we rush on to occupy our time while the tea seeps or the coffee brews. I enjoy making effective use of the moments – it is amazing what can be done in the crack moments between things in life. But are we so used to rushing to fill those moments that we fail to just take them as they are? Gifts of quiet that allow our souls to brew in the everyday things. That may sound dull and ordinary. However, I challenge you to consider the beauty and joy in the everyday. For really that is what surrounds us.

brewJust as tea flavors the water in the teapot while it brews. As the grounds of coffee beans color the water that run through them. The everyday moments flavor and color our lives as we allow our souls time to brew in them.

And then there is a concoction.

Very different then first idea.

Rather the the calming words of how our lives are flavored by the moments – this presents the idea that the combination of things together are more powerful then they may be on their own. The synergy of events or people or circumstances may be more powerful then each considered individually.

Defined as “a mixture of events, people, or things that interact to form a more potent whole,” the word  brew carries with it a sense of power.

Rather than break your life apart – dissecting it to examine each piece – consider it as a whole. Maybe the dissecting is necessary at times, but the flavor and fullness of possibilities we miss when that is all we ever do. Look at your life as a whole – each part unique and contributing something. Each part so much stronger, more potent when examined together, as the brew of your life.

Brew. A quiet flavoring? or a strong concoction? I dare to say, both!


creativeandfreeimageGrowing my ability and skill to write is one of my goals for this year. As fall comes and schedules settle into the new normal with school and work, I am making time to grow my writing. Part of that growing is simply writing practice.

To keep me accountable as I seek to write each day, I am participating in October’s Write 31 Days Challenge. Along with others from Five Minute Fridays who are free writing for our 31 Days Challenge, I’ll be writing and posting each day in October. Check out my landing page for a list of all the prompts and associated posts as they go live. If you leave your address in the sign up space at the top of each page, I’ll send you an email with each days post.


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