Rest in the Walk

This year for the Write 31 Days Challenge, I’m following prompts designed by Christian Hubbard at Creative and Free for the Five Minute Friday community. I write for five minutes each day and post my free writing here.

Prompt: Walk


As I begin writing for this month, I had originally thought to keep with the theme of rest. When I decided to follow the prompts from the Five Minute Friday group, I thought that I may still try to stick with the theme of rest.

oppositesLooking at the prompt for today, I am none to sure of my decisions! Walk and rest seem to be opposite of each other that I am not sure they I can incorporate them both into my thoughts for these five minutes. Still, I recently read an interesting idea regarding opposites. Rather then fighting each other, they sit together – each complementing and completing the other.

Rather then rest being the stopping of walking or moving, maybe it is just the opposite side of the coin – the completion of the cycle which began with the movement. Maybe that it too much philosophizing, but the concept is intriguing.

Rather than considering that movement on to a different task (walk from rest, or going from staying, or cleaning from writing, or  . . . . the opposites comparisons are boundless), consider it just a change of the way you manifest your life and live out your life.


creativeandfreeimageGrowing my ability and skill to write is one of my goals for this year. As fall comes and schedules settle into the new normal with school and work, I am making time to grow my writing. Part of that growing is simply writing practice.

To keep me accountable as I seek to write each day, I am participating in October’s Write 31 Days Challenge. Along with others from Five Minute Fridays who are free writing for our 31 Days Challenge, I’ll be writing and posting each day in October. Check out my landing page for a list of all the prompts and associated posts as they go live. If you leave your address in the sign up space at the top of each page, I’ll send you an email with each days post.


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