Paint First with Rest

This year for the Write 31 Days Challenge, I’m following prompts designed by Christian Hubbard at Creative and Free for the Five Minute Friday community. I write for five minutes each day and post my free writing here.

Prompt: Paint


As I consider the prompt for today, the words from a song in Disney’s Pocahontas “paint with all the colors of the wind” keeps running through my thoughts. I acknowledge that there are so many more aspects to the art of paint, but when I think of painting it is with bold “wind-like” motions.

Sitting looking out the window today certainly helps to fuel the big openness sense that I have as I consider the word paint. The sun is bright and gently warming, the sky is clear and blue. Big. Bold. Yet, there too are the tiny details of paint. An artist works with small brushes and almost unnoticed shading to create the picture she paints. Such opposite concepts, the broad, yet careful, strokes of the base color of a field or the sky above it; and then the minute details of the same artist’s brush when coloring the flowers of that same field or filling the sky with clouds.

begin-with-restWhen considering the minute and the broad, which do you tend to think in?

When considering the theme of rest for this month, how you view rest in your life?

Do you paint into your life the small detail of times of rest and sleep? Or do you take the broad approach to living life from a place of rest and refreshment? At first thought it seemed a stretch to pull the idea of rest into this prompt of paint. Yet, maybe it is not as far fetched a thought as first considered. We all paint – we are coloring our lives each day with our attitudes and actions. Is the paint that you are using one of calm and rest or one of chaos and exhaustion.

As you start your week, may you consider rest – rather than a break from life, but the way you fuel your life. There are may fuels, but rest may be more key then we realize. As you paint, with whatever tools and colors are a part of your day, may the brushes of rest and refreshment be those which provide the broad strokes of the base colors on your canvas.


creativeandfreeimageGrowing my ability and skill to write is one of my goals for this year. As fall comes and schedules settle into the new normal with school and work, I am making time to grow my writing. Part of that growing is simply writing practice.

To keep me accountable as I seek to write each day, I am participating in October’s Write 31 Days Challenge. Along with others from Five Minute Fridays who are free writing for our 31 Days Challenge, I’ll be writing and posting each day in October. Check out my landing page for a list of all the prompts and associated posts as they go live. If you leave your address in the sign up space at the top of each page, I’ll send you an email with each days post.


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