My Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving

May your Thanksgiving be full of gratitude and joy.

May our habits of giving thanks not keep us from being truly grateful. May the activities of our days, slow us rather than rush us. And as we enter this Thanksgiving holiday, may you and I make time not just to be thankful, but to dwell in gratitude.

And yet

different thanksgiving

The hard is hard, no matter the season of joy and praise.

If you are sitting with something hard today, I am thinking of you. If in the times of fun and family and food and blessing, you are feeling the pull of a challenging situation. Your reality may be that all is not well, and seeking to be grateful reminds you that there is pain in the world. Know in the midst of our family activities and personal thanksgiving today, I am praying for you.

In all the things which are a part of your Thanksgiving Day, the joyous and the difficult, may God’s peace reign in your heart. May He draw you close to Himself, and in the drawing may you see that His strength is sufficient and His peace is perfect.

May the gratitude you express today better equip you to better carry the hard. And despite the hard, may gratefulness flourish in your heart.


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