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Lessons Learned: Oct ’15 Edition

Lessons learnedAs seasons turn and months move forward, I enjoy the opportunity to reflect for a few moments on the last several weeks. Being a student at heart, I have realized reviewing what I have learned helps me remember what I have already discovered as I move forward to something new. I too enjoy sharing the fun and silly, or serious and thought provoking learns from the precious month.

  1. Writing every day is hard work! OK, so this was not anything new, I sort of knew it was. However, I definitely experienced this over the month of October as I participated in the Write31Days Challenge. I did not get everyday writing done towards the end of the month as the stomach flu hit our house. (Things like sleep and keeping food down and staying hydrated pulled rank.) I made it through writing most days, and it was great, and it was hard.
  2. I enjoy making graphics. This surprised me. As part of the Write31Days Challenge, I wanted to have a graphic of some kind for my posts. Using online resources, I created a graphic for most days I posted. I enjoyed it almost more than actually writing, almost. Now I am looking to see how I can incorporate this new found enjoyment into the writing aspect of my life.
  3. For me, reading is fun, relaxing, and educational. There are times, though, when it is just noise. I regularly enjoy reading several online sources, and am excited when I find an article I can share with others. The accomplishment of finding something that was helpful or enjoyable to me, and being able to share it with someone else is refreshing. However, as I have tried to keep up with online reading over the summer and fall, it has felt more like a dull roar in my head then enjoyable or helpful. Not sure what I’m going to do with this reality just yet, but cutting back on what I read online, is definitely going to be where I start.
  4. After several years of attempts, I found a butter cream frosting recipe I really like! Dare I say love? I have made decent frosting over the years, but never to what I expected and really enjoyed eating. After all, if I am putting sugar in my mouth, I want to love it! The beginning of October when we celebrated a family birthday, I tried once again. The whipped joy I created was amazing. (Mom, I know you’re probably laughing, but I thought it was that good!) Fearing it was a fluke, I tried again this weekend and again – amazing! I case your interested in the recipe I used, you can find it here.

What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

Snapwire (an online stock photo site) has several collections of photos available to browse. Their Winter Holidays Collection is joyous to behold! I could spend way too much time, just scrolling through the beautiful Christmas-themed photographs.

Looking forward to the Holiday Season, I am anticipating less writing. Connecting with people and organizing, domestic-type activities will fill my time. And, yes, I am excited about it and eager to see what the Thanksgiving Holiday will bring in lessons learned.

Whatever activities you have coming toward you this November, I pray that you will be refreshed in remembering your blessings and move intentionally, slowly enough to relish each day.

learn something quoteInterested in hearing what others are learning this month? Check out the link up over at Chatting At the Sky. And since I wrote a bit about my Write31Days Challenge, I’ll be linking up here too. 


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Oct ’15 Edition”

  1. Mom here…yes I was laughing. I tried hard to remember the frosting on the cupcakes in early October. You’ll have to give us another taste test opportunity over the coming holidays! Happy you have joy in the kitchen!

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