Hard and Good

Until recently I had thought it was not possible to have good and hard coexist in one person or situation. However, so much in my life seems to be teaching me again and again and again – just because something is good does not mean that it may not be hard.

This writing challenge has been good! It has been wonderful and I am enjoying it (well, most parts of it). Yet in all the good and enjoyable parts of writing for October, writing everyday has been hard. My schedule has been out of whack, normal things like dishes and laundry and housework have taken a second seat, I have been trying to work to do this as a priority before most “fun” activities that I usually do – which has meant that for most of the month I have not done the “fun.” It has not been awful, but it has been hard.

hard and goodTurn over the hard but good coin and the other side says, just because something is hard, does not mean it is not also good. This summer, good friends of mine finally twisted my arm enough to get me to begin exercising (for me this has been walking and some core strengthening exercises). It has been hard. I don’t like to sweat! Yuck, yuck, yuck. Then seriously?!? I find it hard enough to make time to just do regular things like eating and taking a shower and getting enough sleep I don’t crash and burn mid-afternoon. How can I honestly expect to fit another 30 minutes or more of another activity into my life? But I know, that exercise, though hard for me, is good! I need intentional physical movement, I need to break from everything – and since most of my walking has been outside, I realized how much getting out doors helps me. Very hard, but very good.

Examples abound of this hard and good truth. Not everything hard or good fits into this mold, but a lot more does than I think we dare consider. So as you go into your weekend, I challenge you to consider what hard thing before you is really good. And maybe accept the reality that just because the difficulty you are facing is good, does not mean you cannot also admit it is hard.

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