When Encouragement Is Not Enough

Today I wanted to start a section of writing which covered a variety of ways we could encourage specific groups of people in our lives. I am excited to share, as well, some of the resources that I have found encouraging.

However, today my thoughts have been occupied with the reality that times exist when the words, actions, and care we give to encourage seem so small. Several people I know are experiencing difficult circumstances, tremendous heartache or grief. As I thought of them today, I wrestled with what to do or say to encourage.

Here at the end of the day, I accept the reality that there are times where there is nothing we can do – no words, no actions will calm the ache they are living right now.

Still just because I don’t know what to do, does not mean I am excused from action.

WResponsible to encourageords, though not sufficient to calm emotions, still need to be said. Actions, though not enough to lift their burden, still need to be done.

Our purpose in encouraging another is not to solve their problems or relieve them of the burden they are carrying. Rather we encourage to help them see they are not alone, to lift them maybe not out of their circumstances but to help them hold steady.

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