Encourage with Time

We each have a way of encouragement which touches us the most. We each have a way we default to when encouraging another. That may be why words was the first encourage tool I wrote about yesterday. My default encourage method is words. (Maybe that is why this writing thing means so much to me.) It is why I read endlessly and desire so much to communicate my heart in words. Words is the encourage language I speak and hear the best.

Encouragement is not exclusive to words

We can encourage others simply by being with them. Giving our time to do an activity, play a game, give a hug, complete a project, hold their hand while they cry, take a walk, or do something that is important to another person – these are some of the ways we encourage one another with our time.

If words are our strongest encouragement resource, our time just may be the most valuable.

We each have only twenty four hours in our day to spend in the ways that sustain our lives and accomplish what we need and want to accomplish. For us to take time from those activities and pour into the life of another tells that person we value them and what they are doing, and in doing this pouring of our time we encourage them.

I encourage you: give the encouragement of your time. Giving your time is giving a part of who you are, for we are what we do and where we spend our time. Are you an encourager with your time?

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