Encourage Your Heart with Rest

teal button webHonest disclosure: I began drafting this post last week and have been adding to it throughout the week. Tonight, desperate to post something, but not really wanting to start from scratch I was rereading several rough drafts I have sitting on the side. The words below seemed so true of today and really most of this week, that posting it seemed right. I so desire to be able to share here the seeming bounty of lessons I have learned in my journey. To encourage you where ever you may be today, and yet. As I begin to write regularly I realize more clearly what I knew along. I have so much to learn! So many things to figure out.

So, in writing here today, and each day I sit to write – I write to share my story, to say “me too”, to give insight where it has been given to me, and hopefully be able to encourage you. You can do this amazing thing called life – it is grand and rough all at the same time – and in it all you will grow and in turn be able to say a “me too” to someone coming along your way.

This week has been rough

Hard physically, emotionally, mentally. I am tired. Physical aches and pains have been waking our kids, and us, in the middle of the night regularly for the last few weeks. Busy work and home schedules have kept me moving more than I like. Illness and extra days off of school have altered the normal routine of our days. Gatherings with family and friends have exhausted me physically and emotionally. (I love being with my people, but it is tiring.) Things have been good, but things have been difficult.

Please give me some space

Between the physical exhaustion, the emotional irritations of interrupted schedules and dealing with difficult attitudes combined with the mental crazy of trying to process new opportunities and determining what is the best use of my time – I am overwhelmed. Everything has been a bit much for me and I just want to hide! Hide in the corner with my book and cup of coffee and turn off that pesky part of my brain reminding me of what needs my attention.

My soul is craving encouragement.

Kind of funny how it is – often we focus on what we know we need. Whether sub-consciously or fully aware of it, we know what our hearts crave.
The dishes are not done, the house is a mess, work I planned to accomplish today is not complete, notes need to be written, friends needing connection, family to care for and a barrage of should do’s and must do’s that need tending. Honestly though, there is nothing on the crazy list in my head or my notebook that can’t wait until tomorrow. I know after sleep, I’ll be able to process more clearly and now my soul is craving rest. Not the kind of rest that comes just from sleep, but soul rest from just being. And so I am seeking to encourage my own heart tonight. (This seems to have been the theme this week.)

What does that look like?

Kids are in bed asleep or close – yah! My husband is out running an errand that I did not get done today – bless him! I have shoveled a path through the office/play room, so I don’t hurt myself walking in there in the morning. All the loose “stuff” laying around our living/dining room is corralled in a laundry basket – still on the floor, but all in one place. I am sitting in my favorite chair, lights off with candles burning throughout the house, a cup of tea brewing and I am writing. Yes, this is technically something I need to for the writing challenge this month, but it is also very fulfilling. I am refueling and checking something off my to do list. That’s a win/win in my book!

So if today you are feeling the pull of the crazy of life, I encourage you – take a moment or two or ten to do the relaxing thing for you. Maybe it’s completely different than mine, and tomorrow it could change. (My relaxing tomorrow maybe finally dealing with the crazy in the play room.) Whatever rest may be for you, take some time to rest – for there are times that is the most encouraging thing you can do!


2 thoughts on “Encourage Your Heart with Rest”

  1. Jessica,
    It seems like yesterday but really has been a good many years now, I was where you are. When God designed us women he did so with a much different plan in mind than the way the world is spinning. Our emotional soul will always crave that place we were created to fill. Steal whatever time you can to graze and rest, the rest will wait.
    Still writing scared
    Ms Linda Darlene
    Rags&Riches #369 Titus 2:4&5

    1. Thank you for encouragement that what I am seeking is important. Daily the walk continues to do what must be done and still nourish my heart for the work before me – regardless of where it is.

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