Releasing Deadlines

Encouragement can be a funny thing sometimes. What encourages you today may not tomorrow and what lifted your spirits last week and brought you such joy may be blah today.

Sometimes you just need a break.

When I sense that my heart is needing to be encouraged, I find it difficult to say, “Hey, encourage me!” Since those around me are not mind readers (shocking, I know), they usually are not aware of the reality of my need. Hence I have discovered a few things which I often do to encourage my own heart.

As a mostly stay at home mom, most of the deadlines and projects I face I have placed on myself. When I sense all that I am trying to be and do overwhelming me, one way I seek to encourage my own heart is by releasing the need to meet a deadline or complete a project. Some of what I do does not have this flexibility for I do work for a paycheck very part time and others may be relying on me to fulfill an obligation, however in most instances I am my own boss (this has blessings and cursings). It is in these areas that I am learning to cut myself some slack and let the project sit one more day or week, let the laundry and dishes be for the night, or allow the pick up to wait till tomorrow.

Sometimes all a heart needs is breathing room.

Just being freed from the “need” to meet a deadline is often enough to give a soul some breathing room. This breathing room is often just enough to lift spirits and give the encouragement needed for today.

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