A Dilemma and My Solution

The Dilemma

As I have considered my writing this month, I wrestled with how much of my writing I would do ahead of time. I see value in planning out my posts and what I’ll write each day to help me be able to better get down to writing when I sit to do so. However, writing ahead of time to have something to post seems to go against the goal I have writing each day.

Everyday posting this month is my way to be accountable to whomever reads these that I have written for that day.

My Solution

I may write a few days ahead of time for posting purposes, but I decided I am not seeking to write whole weeks at a shot or plan and prepare all my posts ahead of time. In going with a more journal approach to my posts, there will be days where I post at the eleventh hour. or close to it.  And hence one of those days has come.

I had thought I would get further into the month before getting to this point. 🙂 Today’s events and activities with work and family and homework and etc, etc, etc. have kept me moving through out the day. And so here I write without any planning of what I am going to say but knowing this is what I need to do.

My prayer for you

You who are weary from your day and getting ready to collapse for enough rest to be able to do tomorrow or to continue with today. I am praying you will be refreshed in your rest, that the events and activities of your evening or day will encourage you, and that tomorrow things will work well for you in all you seek to do. May you be encouraged.

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3 thoughts on “A Dilemma and My Solution”

  1. Dear Encourager,
    I am new here this year and as an older student of blogging am so limited but I love that I finally figured out how to get on board. I understand what you are saying in this post as I too have said early that, for me, a too planned daily write may not leave the Lord much room to inspire. I will be following you for encouragement for I am scared stiff but love to write.
    My prayer for you……is your very own, prayer for you!
    Have a Blessed Day,
    Ms Linda Darlene

    1. Move in spite of the scared, my friend. I too entered this month of writing terrified, but have found great comfort in just the doing of it even when I am scared of it.
      Enjoy your writing. I am so happy for you that you are figuring out how to do this.

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