And Here We Go!

As we enter this new month. I am joining with hundreds of other writers and participating in Write31Days. To keep myself accountable to continue with my everyday writing, I will be posting here at Inspire To Simple each day for the month of October.

Whether in some large venture or in the mundane in and outs of life, I want to provide a place for others to be encouraged in what they are doing. I enjoy encouraging others and offering resources that may help them in what they are doing, and so my topic for this month is:
teal button web
There were a lot of ideas for a topic, and I struggled to find one that would be broad enough to offer variety and still specific enough that I would not be tempted to wander too much in what I posted. As I reviewed the ideas one enteral thought surfaced, and it is really central to why I am seeking to develop my writing. I write to encourage. And so, as I set out on this challenge – excited and terrified – I offer these words of encouragement to you and myself.

give what you have quote

For this month, I will be offering you what I have – and praying that it will encourage your heart and offer you the courage to believe you too can accomplish whatever it is that God has set before you.

I have assembled a Write31Days landing page, and will update the listing of Encourage posts as they go live throughout the month. If you would like to receive an email when a new post is live, subscribe using the widget on the side of this page.

And so I begin the writing adventure of my year! Still really unsure of what or how to begin, I take the first steps of posting for the 31 days of October. I am encouraged that this is what I am to do, yet still very unsure of what it should look like. And so I step out, not sure, but confident that I am moving in what it is I am to do. Is that not so often what we do? We may not know all the details of what we are to do, but we begin, trusting that as we move the way will become clear; that we will with each step know that is this the way to move.


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