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Beginning of Summer Learning

summer beginningsThe calendar has announced that summer is officially here and we are heading into the very warm summer weather here in Minnesota. Honestly, I do not enjoy that part of summer, but I am looking forward to some quiet weeks in July for reading, swimming, and play time with our family.

In reviewing the past month, I found it hard to easily see what I had learned over the past few weeks.  I know (hope) I learned something! but what that is not clear right now.  There are several things that I would like to share with you, and I guess in a way they are what I have learned this month.

What I have learned:

Exercise is good for me

I know. I know. In my head I understand that exercise is good for a body. In addition to helping control your weight, it helps you have more energy and aids in getting a good night’s sleep.  This knowledge however has never motivated me to actually exercise outside of the occasional walk or Pilates stretching. This month, one of my friends more or less pushed me into starting an exercise routine. I love her for it! It has been challenging, and, yes, I have not done it everyone day; however when I am doing it regularly it is wonderful!

Investing in friendship is hard but rewarding

As much as I need the quiet refreshment of alone time, I know I need friends in my life too. They help keep me from being too much inside my own head and provide wonderful challenge and encouragement. The last few weeks have been full of opportunities to invest in others and grow some friendships.  Honestly it has be wonderful, but tiring for me too. I have been greatly encouraged by Lara Casey’s series on Fruitful Friendships. She has challenged and encouraged me to be intentional about investing in my friends and seeking to grow the friendships that exist in my life.

I love a good routine

In an attempt to keep me from wandering aimlessly through my days and to help curb the general getting on each other’s nerves that can happen when all of my family is thrown together with out any structure, I established a routine for our summer days.  I had been practicing it for several weeks leading up to summer break; and when the kids were home, we altered it to fit the desire for a more laid back approach to our days. It has been wonderful! The one week, I let the routine go and we flew more by the seat of our pants, things were much harder – kids more fussy, mom more stressed, and generally we were all a bit more cranky. So back to the routine we went, and I have been be enjoying it immensely.

As the coming weeks roll by I hope to be more attune to what it is I am to learn in this kid-filled and warm season of the year, as well as the more subtle season of life.  Things will be changing as the fall comes and my kids head back to school each day. I want to see what it is that I am to be doing with these coming months as well as enjoy and fulfill what I am do be doing during the remainder of our summer weeks.


1 thought on “Beginning of Summer Learning”

  1. I’m so with you on all of these points!!! 🙂 Routine and friendships are HUGE in my life…And exercise NEEDS more of an effort on my part.

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