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A Bit of Different Reading Fare

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Desperate Measures by Sandra Orchard has been a detour from my normal reading. I recently discovered a large gap in my reading repertoire. I love reading, but have found fictional reading to be challenging for me to commit my time to over the last few years. Somehow I feel as if reading fiction stories is a waste of time. Now before you get all huffy on me, I know they are not, but some line of thinking for me relating to fictional stories has been warped to believe that there better ways for me to spend my time. Well, as I seek to be a better writer, I am encouraged to read a variety of material, so this month I chose to read a fiction book to review.

Desperate Measures was enjoyable and easy to read. I appreciated and liked (more than I expected to) the diversion from my normal reading fare. I love me a good mystery and this definitely lived up to my expectations. The story was confusing at times as I tried to sort who was who and try to piece together the larger story, This confusion was very hard for this big picture gal to tolerate, but it did not deter me from enjoying the story. If anything the mystery was even greater because I was not seeing the full story.

This book tells the continuing story of Kate Adams as she searches for her father and how the secretive plants she has discovered link to why he disappeared. The mystery, suspense, and reminders of truth were combined well, and I appreciated the author’s work at making a mystery “adult” book that I would not be nervous about my teenager reading.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a several day (or hour) diversion. Though, starting with the first two books of this Port Aster Series might make more sense.


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