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Let’s Nourish 2015

As January ends and the beginning of the year moves on, I continue to consider resolutions for this year.  The process of goal planning is enjoyable to me, and knowing the value it brings I struggle with the stress it also seems to bring. When plans need to be altered, or I fail to do the necessary things to fulfill a particular goal or resolution,  frustration is quick to join my attitude along with a subdued, but definite sense of failure.

Where I am

The past year has brought some very emotionally difficult situations in our home. Physical strength and overall health has been fleeting and several difficult interpersonal situations have left me emotionally drained a large part of my days.  I was seriously considering not putting any resolutions in place for myself this year. I was tired of the sense of failure and did not want to put myself in the position to face those disappointments again.  Not a very good reason for avoiding setting New Year resolutions. Similar to not trying to run, because I might trip. A logical thought, but living in it, I completely miss the joy of running for fear of falling. Not really an option I desire in my life.

I still sense the need to step back a bit, for myself and my family, and yet, I know some goals are needed or I/we quickly fall into drifting through our days and weeks and months. We become frustrated by our lack of accomplishment. Yet in not seeking to accomplish anything we continue in the “come what may” attitude and the frustrations that come with it.

nourish with branches bannerSo then what

I am not seeking to do anything new this year.  No new habits, skills, or activities to pursue – just more of the same old, same old that I have been doing. I do acknowledge the reality that some of the same old needs to be altered for something better, so maybe it is more of a perfecting and toning of the same old: eating well, physical movement, learning, time as a family, connecting with friends and neighbors, being creative, establishing a home environment that supports our family, etc. With these concepts  the word nourish has come the forefront and is the One Word I have chosen for my year. I am resolving for myself and my family – this year will see us continuing to build good life habits, strengthening ourselves where needed, and establishing the foundations for ourselves and our family so we are strengthened and best prepared for the coming years.  Striving to be consistent, better, and intentional in what we do; we will be nourishing ourselves and our family.

How about you? Did you set any resolutions or goals for your year? Do you have One Word that seems to cover what you are hoping to see in 2015? I would love to hear about it, whether in the comments or over on social media. Whatever you have set before you may it pull you closer to your goals and keep you in line with you life purpose. 

ow365_logo_black(This post is part of the OneWord365 Series of posts that I will be doing this year.)


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