One Word 365

Review of Abundance

The end of a year often prompts one to reminisce or ponder all that has transpired over the last weeks and months. Since claiming OneWord365 for the year, my year end thoughts include the consideration of the past year in light of that One Word.

For 2014, the word Abundance encompassed the approach I desired for the year. Personally, I was struggling with being contented in what I had and where I was, and in claiming Abundance I hoped to be able to pull my internal focus to the bounty I truly have and experience. Several months into 2014 the only abundance I seemed to be experiencing or seeing was an abundance of chaos, frustration and bad attitudes (in myself and those closest to me). I had enough of that type of abundance!

Once again I was struck with my focus – I was seeing all the bad! So a choice was made. When confronted with an abundance of a bad situation, I began to choose to see the abundance of opportunity I was being offered. Yes, it was merely a shift of mindset and nothing really changed. The hard was (is) still hard, but my mind set has become one of seeing the abundance of opportunity and potential, rather than the abundance of the difficulty itself!

Will I choose OneWord for 2015? I am still mulling over that decision. I believe I will have a new One Word for the New Year – the word is already lurking on the outskirts of my mind. I am learning to lean into my thoughts a bit more – not discarding the initial thoughts as quickly, for they are often right and good. And not rushing into making a claim or a choice regarding them. Rather allowing them room to breathe and become a clearer more true picture of themselves before I thrust them out in the light of this writing space.

And so I review the year here at Inspire to Simple, so grateful for the abundance of the past year – yes, even the abundance of the tough things. The abundance of learning, growing, refining and resulting shredding of excess, and the opportunities to look for and find potential and joy in each moment.

Most of all, in this space I am grateful for the opportunity to exercise my writing, refine my voice, and find a way to connect with you my reader! As you too finish the year and begin anew may your abundance bring you smiles of happy memories and an eagerness for the coming year.


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