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Challenge for this month? or life?

writing 200x200As October ends, so ends My 500 Word writing challenge. The habit has been stretching for me, as I talked about in the last update post. As I write today, I am completing day 22 of 31. Though the beginning of the month proved very difficult, the last two weeks have ended the month with a writing steak. (insert dance of joy)

So often when I do a month challenge it is for a project or short focused effort in a particular area. The month ends and I stop. This challenge has been different for it is a challenge to do something that I want to be a more permanent part of my life, an ongoing habit. Knowing this and seeing the difficulty I had at the beginning of the month, I altered my thinking as the month progressed from just doing the writing for that day to also considering how to alter my schedule and routine so that writing can more easily be a permanent fixture in my life. I have found a model that worked well over the last couple of weeks, but I am not sure how it will do long term. Evaluating what I do and the routines of each day, I have to consider what will be eliminated or moved to make room for the time, energy, and mental space for writing.

Yes, writing is important enough for me to alter my life around it. I have been impressed with how this idea of writing has so quickly moved from I would like to write to I feel compelled to write to actually making writing a part of my life to I really enjoy writing. Writing itself may not always be this high of a priority for me or my family, but for now it is and I am still working on figuring out how to make it work well for us and for me.

I have enjoyed being part of the 500 Words community. The accountability is a great motivator, and having others encourage me on in my writing has been wonderful. Writing will continue to be a part of what I do each day, though I am still evaluating whether I will continue with the daily goal of 500 words. Some days the 500 words have come quickly and easily, others I am digging for them and the process is long and sometimes torturous. Developing a pattern has been my goal, and I am in the midst of doing this so continuing on to help establish the writing patter/habit/routine may be the best thing for me to do.

For now I close my writing time and this month, looking forward to the coming month and the opportunities I will have to continue to establish writing as a part of my life and make space for it where I should.

How about you? Do you have something you are working on making a part of your life? A new habit or activity? What have you needed to change to make space for it to exist along with the other aspects of your life?

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