Daily Choices

“This simple idea about the power behind our daily choices adding up to a life that makes sense with our passions can, I believe, drastically change our frenetically fast-paced culture, one person at a time. I feel it in my bones. I’ll be preaching its necessity (and its beauty) until I’m old and gray. Life’s too short and too glorious to be lived worshiping the squares in our calendar and the worry over what the neighbors think.”  The Art of Simple

I wish I could find the post where I originally copied this quote, but alas, my noting sources skills have fallen lax (a problem I am working to correct), and I do not have the exact post where I first read the above statement. I know it came from Art of Simple and the wonderful group of people who write over at Tsh’s site. I have done a lot of writing over the last week and a half. If you are full time writer, it may not be very much compared with what you have done. However, for me (wife/mom/employee/friend/homemaker/etc.), the amount of time spent writing and quantity of words written has been upped tremendously over the last week. So today, I am settling for a great quote and a good picture to help inspire you as you start your week.

daily choice power

So, I am compelled to ask: Are your daily life choices lining up with your passions, or as I like to phrase it, your life purpose?

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