habit of the month, my500words

Moving forward – slowly . . .

I am moving forward . . . though, today it does not look as I thought it would.

writing 200x200Earlier this month I wrote about my habit of the month: writing. Not just writing everyday, writing a minimum of 500 words each day! (Inspired by Jeff Goins and My 500 Words)

This goal has been rough! I know the development of my writing takes practice and daily practice is best. Though, the reality is hitting me in the face – daily writing time for me is challenging to make room for in my life and the life of my family. For the first 15 days of October, I wrote my 500 words for half of them. At that point I had yet to write more than three days in a row. Yikes!

This past week has been better. I switched up my writing process a bit and alternated the topics I was writing about as well as when in the day I wrote. Today, I am close to a solid week of writing every day. Yippee! Forward progress is being made in the habit for this month, and though I can’t shout in the success I desire, I am succeeding some days. For those days, I rejoice in the accomplishment of this goal. And for the days I don’t accomplish my writing, I am seeking a better understanding of the routines of our family and the way I work to see what needs to be shifted to make room for this new writing habit.


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