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Being Inspired To Action

I don’t remember when or how I first found Kat Lee and her Inspired to Action site. She is a planner and mom like me, and I was drawn to her encouragement and motivation to get up each day for your family rather than to your family. I am sure it did not hurt I felt a bit like I was drowning in life, and she was a life line for me.

Over the last year she has begun podcasting, and I have enjoyed listening to her regular encouragement. Recently, she did a podcast on morning routines and though I had heard it all before, the words she spoke where such an encouragement and challenge to me again. I especially appreciated the following comments about habits:

“I highly encourage those who want to make the most of the mornings to start small so they can develop habits, because that is where the real power comes in. It is not from will power, we get tired and it runs out and we come up with excuses. But habits are just the things that mentally we are triggered to do when something happens.”

I consider this encouragement worth sharing with you all and worth coming back to again and again. Kat’s words are great reminders for us all where ever we are in our life’s journey.

habits quote with credit

I hope you are inspired to move into action on a habit or routine of life.  May it be something that brings you closer to who you truly are and what you are to do.

Check out Kat’s complete podcast on Transforming Your Morning. She has a great e-book and other resources as well. 

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