Unexpected fulfillment

There is a quote I have had on my computer desktop that says something to the extent that so often blessings are missed because they do not come in the way or time we expect them to come. Last week, I had one of those moments of time. I almost missed a blessing (the special enjoyment of enjoying some quiet moments in the glory of our beautiful autumn day), because it did not come in the way I expected or looked for it to come.

One of my girls had come home from school yesterday not feeling well, and this afternoon I had to take her in mid-day so she could participate in the afternoon sessions and have her first band lesson. On the way home I had planned to run errands (the bank, grocery store, etc) before my preschooler and I came over for our rest time before heading back to school to get the other children after school. However, my wonderful little boy threw a wench in the works when he fell asleep in the car on the way to drop off his sister for her afternoon classes.

At first I thought of just going home, but I was sure he would awaken as soon as we parked and I tried to get him out of the van. Our sleeping boy rarely makes the transition from the vehicle to the house and remains sleeping. Then I thought I could still run some of my errands with him sleeping in the van, but that idea was quickly eliminated because most of what I needed to do I had to get out of the car and go into the store or bank. I can’t very well leave my little boy sleeping in the car alone for any extended period of time. So instead of running around like a crazy lady (yes, I do that at times) or stressing about what needed to be done, I pulled into the parking lot of an office building and found a parking spot in the shade of beautiful fall tree. I just turned off the vehicle and let the little boy sleep while I enjoyed looking outside, reading, and resting. And as I sat there the quote that sits on my computer desktop which I read so often came to mind.

manyablessingpaint2I almost missed the blessing of the quiet moments, being outside, and the beautiful fall because I did not expect it to come in the middle of trying to run my errands. I did not expect to enjoy my quiet afternoon rest time while sitting in my van parked in the lot of some office building. I am so grateful that in those quiet moments, I was able to realize that I had been given exactly what I needed, when I needed it even though it was not in the way I would have planned or necessarily wanted.

So today may you have what you need and what you want, even though it may come to you in a way that is initially a little different the way you plan or want. 

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