Scared, but moving forward

Recently I was listening to a recording of the (in)RL conference from this past spring and was struck by a quote by Crystal Stine. The emphasis of the meeting was on community and she was talking about her experiences with community. (You can see more of her story about this on her site: The Scars I Carry.) The words she spoke struck a chord with me and I scribbled them on notepad at my desk.

CStine on community

I have been reading these words regularly as I sit and work, and they are encouraging me on. Not in the areas of community and friendship as they were in the context of the (in)RL Conference, but rather in light of the work I am called to do.

As I explore and move in what it is I believe I am here to do, the scary moments (hours/days/weeks) come.  Yet, just because something is scary, does not mean I am not still called to do whatever thing I have before me. Maybe the fear is simply a signal I am doing the thing I care about the most. You can listen to this podcast for where I first heard this idea.

You can find Crystal over at her site, and writing at

May today you be moved forward in the area you are called. And may strength come as you do, despite the fear you face.

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