five minute friday

New season of life’s journey


Prompt: New


“Each day dawns new, with no mistakes in it.” -Anne Shirley

A new season comes, and new habits and goals for this month are fresh and invigorating in their potential and direction. With this potential also sneaks in fear – fear of failing, nervousness of a new goal, the uncertainty of doing something different or learning a new skill. If not careful, the joy and excitement of new goals and opportunities can be overrun by this fear.

So I stand eager to move in the new month and opportunities, acknowledging the uncertainty but leaving it the spectator position in my life. Fear is not my coach – faith is. Faith and confidence in Whose I am, in doing what I am called to do, and in making steps forward to fullfill that purpose – these are my companions, my cheerleaders. In the strength of my God I will succeed.

A new season, and new habits and goals for this month are fresh and invigoration in their potential and directions. The joy of walking in my purpose and living the life prepared for me, is motivating and fueling for the new tasks ahead of me on this new season of life’s journey.


Five-Minute-Friday-4As I seek to develop, practice and hone my writing and blogging skills, I periodically participate in the Five Minute Friday writing prompts and associated link up hosted by Kate Motaung at her site. I hope in my unedited writing here, you will be encouraged and challenged to look to God, to love your family, and enjoy this journey of life even as I seek to develop my voice and create the habit of writing. 

Hundreds of writers, one word prompt, and just five minutes – watch amazing things happen. Hop on over to Kate Motaung to see what it is all about. Regularly, I will join others that follow the prompt posted and link up with everyone else who is there to share what they have written.


1 thought on “New season of life’s journey”

  1. “acknowledging the uncertainty but leaving it the spectator position in my life”

    … love this. If only it were easy to allow uncertainty to be simply a spectator and not the leader in our life… but what a wonderful goal to aspire to!

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