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Going against the tide

Here’s to saying “no”

The pull to do what it seems everyone else it doing can be so great at times! We want to be a part of what is happening, to not miss out. How is that desire so quickly turned to fear? Why does that fear seem inescapable at times? The fear that if we are not “where it’s happin” we are missing life! I used to think as an adult the days of that sense of being left out were gone. Lately, I have realized they are not as far away as I thought.

These thoughts are coming to the surface because of the beginning of the #write31days challenge. Amazing ladies whose work I enjoy and read regularly post more often as many of them participate in blogging every day for the coming month. Last year I enjoyed reading several of them as they posted each day; and as I read, I considered the idea of participating this year. I had no idea where my blogging would be at this point and thought it would be enjoyable and a good growing experience. And, if I am honest with myself, I wanted to be able to be a part of the group.

writing 200x200Earlier this fall as I considered the coming of the #write31days challenge, I decided that I did not want to set aside the things that would be required to make time for all that blogging. Yet, as I am working to develop my writing, I challenged myself to write everyday this month. More writing than just my daily writing habit of three pages, more than my writing for potential posts, but writing for thirty minutes or maybe 500 words. Write something that would move me in a particular series of posts or be the beginning of a book or get me focused on developing my writing skill (that is after all is one of the reasons I blog, to practice my writing).

And so, here I stand NOT joining the #write31days challenge to blog or post everyday. Instead, I have issued a challenge to myself  – write everyday for this month. Write, not to post here or on instagram or facebook, just write. Do the hard, necessary work to build my skill and dig the roots of my writing down deep. Hoping that as I do, the tree of what others see here online and in “real” life will stand stronger and bloom brighter because of it.

I close the door on the daily gather of those who will post, not because it’s not important, but because it is not important for me right now. Choosing instead to just write every day, I push open the window to supporting and growing something which is priority to me while not crowding out other priorities in my life.

“Are you saying no to something so you can choose to live supporting what you value? Do you know what it is that you value? Are you living in line with your priorities and goals? These concepts are becoming so core to my thinking lately, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. Together may we better be able to live intentionally in line with our life purpose.” 
closing door
As this coming month comes to a close I hope to have a series prepared that will help us all as we consider what is most important to us and how to best line our lives up with our priorities. Thoughts that encourage us to live intentionally, supporting what we value. Please do sign up for blog updates and join me here; together may we move from chaotic activity to intentional living that supports our life purpose.

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