30' for 30 days

30′ projects: finishing or not . . .

30' for 30 days projectDoing projects around your home can reveal some interesting things. When I started the month, all I wanted was to get some of the smaller projects done that were irritating me. Yet, as the month progressed I realized several things.

What I learned

  1. The large amount of undo projects that I tolerate around our home. It seemed as each day I saw more that did not make it to this month’s list.
  2. Thirty minutes is just about the right time to get into and accomplish a smaller project. The clean up, however, may take more time then you realize.
  3. Recruiting help from your family is priceless and can lead to a breathless and exciting thirty minutes.
  4. Offering little rewards to myself (walks outside, a quiet cup of tea, a favorite movie, or the opportunity to read an extra few chapter of a favorite book) was wonderful motivation when my enthusiasm flagged.

By doing these 30′ projects I have learned more about myself and the way I work along with getting some needed projects done around our home.

What I did

Several of you have asked about my progress, so as the month closed an update was in order. I have listed what my projects were for each day, and noted the ones I completed.

  1. Remove excess toys from living room space
  2. Pair down children’s books
  3. De-clutter personal books
  4. Get rid of one box in bedroom
  5. Sort and toss one box of old school papers
  6. Clean half of the pantry
  7. Clean one bathroom drawer
  8. Clean the other half of the pantry
  9. Mop bathroom floor
  10. Clean the shower
  11. Sort and organize top shelf in hall linen closet
  12. Clear out china cabinet drawers and reorganize/de-clutter them
  13. Empty one box in master bedroom
  14. Clean one bathroom drawer
  15. Clean floor in bedroom closet
  16. Clean, organize, and de-clutter craft shelves
  17. Get excess furniture out master bedroom
  18. Clear toys off porch, sort and toss, organize remaining for storage
  19. Clean porch for winter
  20. Sort, toss, and organize garden supplies
  21. Clear excess furniture for a the living room
  22. Sort, toss, and organize musical items
  23. Move buffet and a book shelves
  24. Clean out one kitchen drawer
  25. De-clutter and clean appliance storage in kitchen (worked on, but not completed)
  26. Finish de-cluttering and cleaning appliance storage
  27. Sort and organize sewing items (worked on, but not completed)
  28. Clear out extra decor times from the general living space (worked on, but not completed)
  29. Sort and toss old housing papers, store what we need to keep (worked on, but not completed)
  30. Get rid of the last box of papers from master bedroom

Several of the projects (especially the end ones) where too much for one 30′ time slot.  I made some progress on them, but not enough I could warrant marking them completed. Those have simply been added to the ongoing projects list.

What I enjoyed most

The cleaning and organizing was rewarding, and I enjoyed completing projects. As the month progressed, my husband was motivated to tackle some of the projects he has tolerated being undone. I think this was the most encouraging result for me! As the new month begins, and I shift into a new focus, I am rejoicing in what I accomplished and eager for the possibilities of what the coming months of focused work in a particular area might bring.

How about you? Did you have projects you worked on this month? How did you do with them? What things about working on them has surprised you and what has encouraged you the most?

In focusing on these 30′ for 30 days project, I realized how much I appreciate these monthly habits or areas of focus. This “habit/focus of the month” might become a regular occurrence again. If you would enjoy hearing about them, leave a comment and let me know. I would like to share them with you and appreciate the accountability it would bring.


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