The Currency of Life

The idea of spending money in exchange for serves or good is so common to us that we rarely give it any thought (except for when the bank account balance gets too low for our comfort). The idea of exchanging our time for a paycheck, the enjoyment of an activity, or the satisfaction of accomplishing a task is common place. We all do it, whether we give it much thought or run on auto pilot through our days. We too exchange the open space of our home for places filled with things or people. We choose to fill our closets, shelves, or floor space with clothing, books, nicknacks, furniture, games, etc. All space is spent in exchange for using that place for something else.

Are the things, activities, and people that fill your life what you want them to be? Do the events, stuff, and relationships that fill your life accurately reflect your values and priorities?

currency of life

Carrying this idea even a bit further, I would like to propose the concept that our life is currency we choose how to spend every day.

Each moment we exchange the energy, time or money of our life in exchange for something. We spend ourselves every moment of every day. The question then comes: “On what are spending our allotted life amount?” Is our life currency going to the things we value? When we say yes to an activity to fill our time or an item to fill our home – we choose not to spend that time or space elsewhere. When we deny the expense of our time or space in a particular way we leave the option open to use it, spend it, in another place.

So where do you use the currency of life you have? Is it where you want it to be? does it line up with your values?

May your today be filled with things which bring you joy and may they support the values you hold close.


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