Do What You Can


Days come when there are so many things to do, yet you feel terrible and the restriction of your limits are most profoundly felt. On these days, it is important to continue to do what you can do. Don’t stress about what is not being accomplished. Let go the frustration that comes with feeling you are not doing all you want to do. Be grateful to do what you can do.

These thoughts have been very close to my heart the last couple of days. Sickness has invaded our home and my normal accomplishment goals for the days have been set aside for just doing the bare necessities. I do mean the bear necessities! For a few days, I have been glad we had food prepared when it was mealtime and clean clothes to wear.

Today the illness appears to be lifting and we are slowly begin to resume a more normal way of life. While rejoicing we are past the worse of this difficult situation, I am fighting the feeling of overwhelm that comes from being behind where I thought I should be or where I would like to be. The phrase “Do what you can!” has been reverberating in my head yesterday and today. So as I look at the rest of my week, knowing we are not completely back up to normal running speed, and seeing the massive list that has accumulated of projects, everyday routine tasks, and of course of “few” things I wanted to have done over the last week and a half – I am remembering: simply plan to do what I can.

For me this looks like caring for the bare necessities (food, clothes, sleep). Then if there is extra time and energy left, move on to a few more of the life maintenance items (cleaning, moving, reading, playing). If I have enough to get to anything more, wonderful! If not, I can always enjoy a few moments of rest with my kiddos. Remembering after all, this is part of my priorities, too!

What about you? Are you staring down the seeming giant list of tasks, projects, and activities undone?Limitless-by-Holley-Gerth-e1399003252993

May I encourage you to remember the basics – those bare necessities of life – and then do what you can! Whatever your challenge may be today, maybe this time has come to give you the opportunity to evaluate what truly is most important to you? I believe too, the strength of our great God can be a great encouragement and does carry us during challenging times.

May you be strengthened in His great power and remember to simply do what you can. 


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6 thoughts on “Do What You Can”

  1. Stopping by from Coffee for Your Heart. Enjoyed reading these life-giving words. This especially, “Whatever your challenge may be today, maybe this time has come to give you the opportunity to evaluate what truly is most important to you?” Thank you.:)

  2. Jessica, I am visiting from Holley Gerth Coffee for your heart. I really like your post. Thank you for your reminder that sometimes simply getting up and hugging your family is all you can do-and that is okay. God is with us no matter what.

  3. This week was like that for me, with my girls home on fall break. I had to lay down things I wanted to do, to spend time with them. And put off things that will need my full attention. One day they won’t need me, and I will mourn that!

    1. Enjoy the moments, knowing they do not last forever. 🙂 The poem that talks about the dust and dirty dishes will keep, but the moments with our little ones are fleeting comes to mind. Praying you have a coming week mixed with moments with your kiddos as well as time doing the things you would like to do.

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