30' for 30 days

Projects: 30 minutes for 30 days

A new month can be such and exciting thing to hold in your hand.

The promise of beginnings, the potential for accomplishment, the scary of making a mistake, the threat of failing – the beginning hours of the day on our calendar marked with the number one carries the potential for success and failure all together wrapped together. I guess the beginning of each day holds that potential too, but I sense it more as the calendar turns and a new month is laid open and unmarked before me.

Several times over the last year I have begun several personal challenges to establish various habits or complete projects through out a new month. (I have written about several of them in my habit of the month post series.) With school starting and the natural change of routine that occurs with that event, I am once again draw to the projects that forever seem to exist in my home and life. I love projects and the joy of completing one is wonderful, but I can tend to get stuck in the middle of them and distracted by the everyday life that still moves on and needs attention, even in the midst of a project.

30' for 30 days projectWith a month of thirty days ahead of me, I have considered a unique sort of project for myself and my home. Every day in September, I plan to work for 30 minutes on a different aspect of cleaning, de-cluttering, or organizing my home. I have tried this in the past and have never made it all the way through the month. Somewhere in the middle I get lost and my projects get left by the wayside of everyday life. Forever, a planner and list-maker, I am approaching this thirty day project a bit differently. Rather then just picking a space to work in as the days come, I have mentally walked through my home and listed areas and spaces that need attention. Though not an all inclusive list, but it seems to contain the areas of chaos in our home that irritate me the most or cause the most discouragement for me.

As I listed the project areas for the month, I tried to be mindful of the flow of our days.

  • Weekends I’ll have everyone home, so I realize I will need to work around all the kids being home.
  • If I have heavy moving required, I tried to put those projects on days when my husband would be available to assist.
  • Sundays I attempt to rest a bit more, so those days have “easy” projects, like cleaning out a drawer.
  • In the beginning I will want to get success under my belt quickly, so I listed projects that need to be done but hopefully will be a bit easier.
  • More complex or time consuming projects, I split over a couple of days.

I am hoping that thinking through the projects more and having an “assignment” for each day will keep me on task through out the month.

Maybe you too, have a list (whether in your head or on paper) of projects that you would like to accomplish around your home. I would enjoy having you join me in working together for just thirty minutes each day through out the month of September. List your projects, get started today, and let me know you are joining me. I will post updates of my progress. A photo or two may even end up on Instagram.

Let us work this month to make our living space a bit more of what we desire!


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