five minute friday, the beginning

Whisper: Allow me to tell you something

“Come here – let me tell you something!”

Those words often bring the anticipation of some great secret or the revealing of exciting news.  Whether adult or child we tend to listen more closely when someone whispers something to us. Some how just the act of whispering makes what is said seem more important or special.

So today I invite you to listen closely while I whisper to you.

Allow me to tell you, not some great truth or hidden secret, but the idea that you can do an amazing job in what you are doing. No matter what area of work or phase of life you are in, you have the potential to be great. Great maybe not in the opinions of the general public, but great because you do your best and you are doing what it is you are here to do.

ID-1008861The journey of coming to the place of realizing what you are to do and walking in the confidence of this knowledge, is not the same for everyone. Some arrive at this place early in life and yet others come to the end of life never having realized it. I would even dare to say it is not a destination that one comes to and then can say I know what I am to do and I am doing my best to accomplish it. Rather it is a way of living life – seeking to know your purpose, determining how that looks in your everyday life, and then moving in that knowledge and plan confidently; trusting all the while that this is right and it is good despite what circumstances and voices may be saying.

So I don’t shout it from the roof tops – that is draws too much attention for my liking. Rather, I invite you in to whisper in the corner with me and allow me to tell you what I’ve learned, to share the areas where I am growing. Together we can encourage and help and learn on this amazing life before each of us. What it is we are called to do and be, how it uniquely looks in our individual everyday life, and encouragement to keep on regardless what the voices around and within us may say.

I originally wrote this post as part of the Five Minute Friday community that gathers at Headed Home each week and I shared with the ladies at Coffee for your Heart with Holley Gerth, but it strikes so close to what I am striving to do in this online space that I feel I should expand some more.  Come on over – I share books that I am reading, projects I am doing, and general thoughts of encouragement and inspiration. I would love to meet you and have you join me as we walk the life journey before each of us. God, family, and simple living are all key for me and I am seeking to discover how they work together and help bring and keep me in line with what I am here on earth to do. Let’s explore together!



4 thoughts on “Whisper: Allow me to tell you something”

  1. I love this line:
    “Great maybe not in the opinions of the general public, but great because you do your best and you are doing what it is you are here to do.”
    This is so true for everyone of us at some stage in the game isn’t it?
    This is a great post, well thought.
    Hello from #FMF

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