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Hard Day Hope

We all face discouragement.

Anyone who tells you at some point that she has not had a hard day or two or ten is not being honest with themselves or you. Granted some people’s hard days are more difficult than other people’s hard days. At times the hard is REALLY hard – a health crisis or losing someone we love. Some days are “easier” hard – lost homework, bad traffic, grumbling kids, harsh words from a friend. Then there is the kind of hard we drag ourselves through waiting and praying for the end.

RegWhat-Your-Heart-Needs-for-the-Hard-Daysardless of what the kind of hard you face, often was is needed is just a bit of encouragement, a “you can do this”,  an “I understand”, a hug or a push to do what is needed. Maybe you have a friend who does this for you. Maybe it’s your spouse or sibling that encourages you on. Maybe no one sees that you need that little bit of extra loving. Your heart craves something that will assure you this will not last forever, that you are not alone in feeling the way you do, that God has not forsaken you, that you will survive. Whether you are surrounded with support or all alone when the hard hits, this book is for those days!

In this uplifting book, Holley Gerth invites you to be filled with the strength, peace, and joy that come from God’s promises. What we really need is the truth of God’s Word to encourage, strengthen, and fill us every day, but especially on the days where we are discouraged, tired, and empty from everyday life or the big things that touch us (these comments were prompted directly from the book cover).

The short chapters of this book are easy to read and packed full of great encouragement for any women facing a challenging time. You can easily grab it to read a chapter when you are having a hard day. Or if you are in a season of discouragement daily readings will help to lift your spirit and turn your heart to look to God. Each reading has a verse to meditate on, a prayer to prompt your own cries to God, and a space to record your reflections from the passage.

Holley is a wonderful encourager of women. You can clearly see her heart to strengthen women in God and lift them up for whatever they may be facing in their lives. Her words are definitely worth the read. Whether for you or someone close to you, you will find hope for the hard day. Head over to (in)courage to read an excerpt from Holley’s book and find where you can purchase the book, as well enter a drawing for the book and a bag full of goodies.

May you be encouraged in whatever you face today. May God’s amazing grace sustain you and may His joy be your strength. 
Next week I’ll share one of my favorite excerpts from Holley’s book as well as some comments on why it is so encouraging to me. Come on over and subscribe to the blog, I don’t want you to miss a post.



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