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So many thoughts and doing the basics

There is so much that I want to say here to you my readers. So many ideas and thoughts tumble through my mind that I often struggle with how to say it all. What should I say and is this really in line with what I am trying to do here? What IS it I am trying to do here? Why do I write? What do I hope to accomplish through all this online activity (or busyness at times)?

These are all questions that deserve some thought and answers, yet, I am finding myself getting stuck in the questions. The need to figure out or find the answers is keeping me from moving forward. If you have read what I have written over the last year plus, you know this are questions that I often wrestle with. Yet, I do not want my lack of answers to keep me from moving forward. The processing I am doing inwardly ought not keep me from making outward motion.

So, all this to say what? What is the inspiration I hope to offer today?

If you are stuck unsure of what to do, not clear on where to go, or what plan of action to take – move anyway. Simply do what you DO know to do.

So often when I am overwhelmed or unclear of how to proceed, I am finding myself falling back on what I KNOW I am to do. A common theme for me this year has been getting back to the basics. And so when unsure what to do, I go back to the basics. In daily life this looks like feeding myself and my family, making sure I do some laundry so we have clean clothes, and getting sleep. Yes, other things sneak in there, such as my daily reading and Bible study, going for walks and time with my family – and when I really look at these things they too are a part of my basics for they help to feed me mentally and emotionally.

What sort of things would you say are your basics? Whether overwhelmed by life or not, are you doing them? I encourage you to move in what you KNOW to do. It can be as simple as getting dressed and eating for the day. It could be more complex, such as getting your kids to school and through homework, or going to work and doing what is asked of you there. What ever your basics may be, do those. Time will come to evaluate and process more, but for now just move in what you know you can and are to do. Do not focus on the undone. You can evaluate those again in a few days. For now, work on the basics.

In the working, please do not forget to rejoice in a small blessing, give thanks for several things throughout your day, and rest knowing you are doing what you can right now. For now, keep it simple.

Even as I close my writing and head off to do laundry, feed my family, get the kids to school, do some reading, and hopefully clean my house a bit; may you too, do something that is a basic of life for you. If you don’t know what your basics are, take two minutes and list them on a piece of paper put it up where you can see it. Then when those days come and you are so overwhelmed you don’t know where to turn first, you can see your list and just do what you know to do, the basics of life.

Praying great blessings for you today!

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