Inspiration! What inspiration?

Each week I want to provide a post that inspires you as you move forward in your life journey. As I considered inspiration for this week, it seems I am drawing from an empty well. I had nothing to offer that seemed inspirational, so I thought I would take a moment to reflect on what inspiration is. So often for me when considering an idea, I often start with the academics of things so to the dictionary I turn for a definition to start my reflections.

In the American Heritage Dictionary, I love the third definition for it most describes what I am seeking to do in this online space.

Inspire: to stimulate to action, motivate; to affect or touch

I hope to encourage you, challenge you, and urge you to move in the area that you are seeking to grow. All the while keeping our eye on God and His purpose for us and keeping it simple.

Hence, from that comes the definition of inspiration. I think the first definition is the most applicable here.

Inspiration: stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity, the condition of being so stimulated

And so the inspiration I hope to offer up each week, I pray will encourage you and move you to action. It may directed to inspire you in a specific area or it my be just a general inspiration for you to apply where ever you may need it at that moment.

God-is-Working-by-Holley-Gerth1So for this week, I would say my inspiration is to look for the things that move you to action. Not the ones that motivate you from fear, worry, or shame but those things that motivate you because they lift you higher. True inspiration, that which will move you through the hard is the inspiration that lifts you up, causes you to look beyond yourself to God (for strength and wisdom) and to others (seeking to bless or encourage them).

So be it a the smile of a child, bright sunshine outside, drizzly rain, hugs from a friend, or an encouraging word you hear or read; may you find inspiration in your day today to move you to be encouraged and motivate you to do what is before you.


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