A bit of inspiration to start the week

I found inspiration in the bubbles that floated across my yard this past week.

We opened our home to friends that were coming to our area to watch fireworks. Yes, the fireworks for our city are shot off in our backyard, well, pretty close – the park that is behind our back yard. So we invited folks we thought might come to the area for the fireworks display, put out food, and enjoyed sitting in our yard for five hours! It was beautiful, mosquito-filled summer magic.

Blowing bubbles is one of my go to activities to occupy the kids and this time, Daddy even got in the action. I enjoyed watching the kids try to catch the bubbles. My son who is recently into pirates chased them with his pirate sword. The girls danced under them leaping in vain attempts to capture the feather like escapees.

We visited with friends and neighbors, felt the air shake as the fireworks echoed and glittered around us, and stayed up way too late! It was a great summer memory. As I review my photos, these bubbles inspire me to invite people into our life just to do the “normal everyday” things we do, to sit for five hours filling the moments with simple things like eating watermelon, and to enjoy watching the colors of life, like the bubbles, change with each moment.




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